"Hate is not a
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"More of us are living visibly and pursuing our dreams visibly, so
people can say, 'Oh yeah, I know someone who is trans.'  When
people have points of reference that are humanizing, that
demystifies difference."
  (TIME, Vol. 183, No. 22 | June 9, 2014)
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"Every week or so, a gay kid somewhere jumps off a bridge or slashes his
wrists.  I am told that a boy near here hanged himself because his father could
not accept who he was.  On television, I listen to the things they say, the
right-wingers, and fundamentalists, and all the people who consolidate their
power by hurting other people.  I want to cover up the ears of kids and say, 'Do
not take it in.'  I took it in.  I really did.  I heard everything that people in the
world around me said about who I was.  It hurt me, but I thought I had no right
to say anything because I was wrong.  I didn't know what silence would cost,
how it would change my life.  It takes a long time to outrun the things that the
world drills into you."  (
Bettyville:  A Memoir, p. 229)
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"It has been the work of my adult life to understand deeply that the best part of
me is reviled, my proudest aspect assaulted.  I've had to ward off and fight back
violence, disease, hate, and condemnation.  I've worked to amplify my own
being, not just for the right to exist, to be left alone, but to thrive and to shine.  
The pursuit of happiness isn't just a declaration; it's a dare to live. It's not just
about law; it's about my potential.  It's not only about access; it's about
ascending.  To live as fully gay as possible is how I am most alive.

"Every gay person is a wonder.  It takes enormous effort to go from cocoon
to butterfly and to stay aloft daily, to defy your parents' expectations, your
religious teachers, to get through childhood knowing you are different, and to
stand up and say this is me when everything around you tells you to be
something else, to withstand the daily reminders that make you feel isolated."  
Gay Like Me:  A Father Writes to His Son, p. 142)
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